Spectrum Collection
Designer Bios
Marc Ross
Creative Director, attended the Corcoran College of Art + Design. While studying both graphics and industrial design at the institution, he continued to create modern fluid pieces for the Spectrum West Collection. In the coming years, he is looking to grow the Spectrum Design Collaborative, a team of designers from around the world. As Marc says, "The purpose of the Spectrum West Collection and the Design Collaborative is to not only solve design problems, but to build relationships with different design cultures from around the world. By doing so, we will shed light to new ideas and further designs that are timeless."

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Pete Ross
Pete is the founder of Spectrum. He is trained as a structural engineer and has been designing furniture for over 25 years. He specializes in creating luxury furniture for high end clients. His clients span from celebrities such as Alexandra Von Furstenburg to interior designers and architectural firms.

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Jane Punnopatham
Jane is a creative mastermind behind the Spectrum West Development. Similar to Marc Ross, she too was raised in the industrial design world. Her new designs comment on her cultural experiences through France and England.

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Jayme Mazzochi
Jamie spends her days traveling the world and exploring new ideas for the collection. She too was trained as a graphic designer, however this did not constrain her from moving into other realms of the design world. She is famous for her simple "Kush Chair" tri-fold along with other typographic signatures such as the "Ess" and "Zee" tables.

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Stanley J. Friedman
Friedman is famous for his furniture designs with Brueton, however he too conceptualized the "Conic Series" with its uber 1960's lines. These simple and highly eco mod designs will spark conversation in anyone's home.

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